Rear black abs panel for advertisement.


Front black abs panel for advertisement.


A sturdy and amusing children’s steering wheel to fit on the front child seat.


You can equip your quadricycle with a side-view mirror both on the driver's side and on the passenger side.

Safety belt

Safety belt attached to seat backrest.

Baby head protection pad

This is a very comfortable device to protect the head of the kids on the child seat.

Rain and wind protection

Frontal equipment of protection against rain and wind.

Rain and wind cover set

Complete set of protection panels against rain and wind for sirenetta, delfino and grande delfino models.



All frames are marked ciclofan – month and year of manufacture – frame progressive number – made in Italy. Products bearing this ciclofan trademark are our very genuine quadricycles, not imitations.


Front and rear mudguards, lateral sides/panels, front and rear fenders, uprights, chain guards and brake lever are in stainless steel, being very strong yet at the same time aesthetically attractive.

Chain guard

Enclosed chain guard for your safety.

Seat and backrest

Polyurethane, water resistant, custom foam molded seat and backrest, very easy to clean. Padded child-seat with safety strap.

Canopy and object bag

Waterproof canopy and object bag, standard colour yellow, blue – white – red available on request.

Powder coating

High quality and long lasting powder outdoor paint. Standard colours: red, green, fuchsia, blue. Other colours available only on request.

Bottom bracket

All mechanical parts and wheels are bearings-based.

Safety belt

Safety belt on padded child seat.

Alloy wheels

Front and rear aluminum alloy wheels designed for a greater strength and less maintenance.

Wheel guards

Black abs panel rear wheel guards equipped with reflective decals.

Frame width

Front frame designed as wide as the rear in order to ensure greater stability.

Led head lights

Led battery-powered head lamps with guard, fitted out with reflective decals.

Led tail lights

Led battery-powered tail lamps.

Four wheel drum brakes

Drum brakes on all four wheels, the best braking system for this kind of vehicle because very solid and reliable.

Brake lever

The brake lever works on bearings for more effective braking, with no attrition on the bolt where it is fixed.

Reinforced frame

High quality tubular steel frame with reinforced welding and double central bar.

Steering wheel on passenger side

Dual steering wheels (right side for aesthetic purposes only and greater steadiness).

Front fender

Reinforced welding on the front fender for a greater protection in case of collision.


High quality freewheels on all manufactured quadricycles.

Slanted roof

Top frame designed to not allow rainwater to pool up on canopy.

Extended roof

Extended top frame to protect children on the front child seat.

Electric pedal assist features

Some details of the electric pedal assist quadricycle.

AGM batteries

AGM batteries are available both for the 2-seater sirenetta model and the 4-seater delfino model.

XFC batteries

XFC batteries can be partially recharged. Their life is longer than AGM battery life. They are available both for the 2-seater sirenetta model and the 4-seater delfino model.