About us

Ciclofan is a leading manufacturer of high quality quadricycles and an international exporter priding itself on excellent technical support and after sales service for over 25 years.
The business was started back in 1992 by the talented Lino Benvenuti who had over twenty years’ experience working in some of the first companies that produced quadricycles, Mecart and Jomark.
In 2011 Lino’s son, Alessandro, joined his father in the company bringing with him new and dynamic ideas, while still focussing on quality materials and the renowned reliability that our products have become famous for, and that has contributed to their long term success.


Knowledge and innovation go hand-in-hand, providing solutions across the board. Indeed, as of December 2013, our vehicles now carry the EC Declaration of Conformity.

Ciclofan, working only with carefully selected partners, is proud to offer made-in-Italy products with an attractive quality to price-ratio.

We are passionate about high quality production, we constantly check quality details, we look at innovation in terms of energy saving, we can count on the high-qualified skills of our staff, we take care of all aspects and always respect scheduled deliveries. All these reasons have allowed in time the strong growth of our company.