News - Ciclofan always ahead of the rest

Longer top frame

New longer top frame to cover also the children on the front child seat cushion

Protective padded cover

Protective padded cover with velcro fastening, a comfortable safeguard for children sitting on the front child seat cushion

Top frame

New top frame designed to not allow rainwater to pool up on canopy

Steering wheel for Children

New steering wheel for children (optional)

Lighting system

Battery-powered led front and rear lights


Front and rear aluminum alloy wheels designed for a greater strength and less maintenance


Reinforced frame with double central bar

Waterproof rain cover

Transparent vinyl cover to enjoy the ride even during rainy days

Panel for advertisement

Rear black abs panel for advertisement (optional)

Steering wheel

Passenger's steering wheel fixed

Rear wheel panels

Black abs panel rear wheel guards

Child seat

The child seat cushions are in waterproof polyurethane, very easy to clean

Brake lever

The brake lever works on bearings for more effective braking, with no attrition on the bolt where it is fixed

Standard colours

red, green, blue and fuchsia

High quality and long lasting powder outdoor paint